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Bali Wholesale Products

Bali is a land of exotic art and traditions, and Crafts are an integral part in the life of an any Balinese. It has a rich cultural heritage, of which handicrafts and other Bali wholesale products form an integral part and involves a wide range of art and handicraft. InBali, mainly, the legacy of handicrafts is passed on from one generation to the other and has flourished over the centuries.

"Handicraft" as the name suggests is an art of creating objects or decorative items by hand, by a skilled craftsman. Items involving use of any machinery are not considered handicrafts. That is why every single item of handicraft is unique is presented in aesthetically rich form reflecting the art and craftsman skill. A master craftsman decorates or carves the wood of a given type to create items with some very simple and minimum tools. Bali’s craftsmen create masterpieces with exotic shapes, patterns, size, colors and textures.

Be it the sculptures inspiring paintings, handcrafted jewelry, decorative items, furniture, beads, utensils, accessories or exquisite woodcraft, you could find them all in Bali. Besides, these items, the beautiful wood artifacts like photo frames, toys, dolls, miniature are also very famous in World wide markets.

There are ancient villages in Bali which house the expert artisans who have inherited the tradition of carving out beautiful statues and handicrafts from different variety of woods.

The range of the products and decorative pieces that can be made from wood is immense. Handcrafted wooden objects are a must, in any Balinese Home. Skilled craftsmen carve beautiful designs and enhance their beauty by either painting them or decorating them with beautiful jewels or with some kind of inlay work of rattan or bamboo or any other material.

Wooden furniture, which is one of the Bali products, is the most exquisite and enchanting item in this world. It is the most popular and profitable item throughout the world, that is the reason for it, to be termed as an effective business product among the masses. Wooden artifacts exhibit a very typical and unique carving. In addition to being decorative items, the wooden handicrafts also have functional value also.

For wooden furniture, customers can have a large number of designs and range to choose from. But for the wooden statues are mostly created of animals, figurine and Abstract statues.  These sculptures are mostly, carved in different types of wood depending upon individual expertise and liking. Art Engraving is also done on some of these sculptures.